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ISBN: 9780194442299
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Formát: A4
Jazyk: anglický
Pridané: 28.01. 2013

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Incredible English 2ed. 2 Class Book

Incredible English 2ed. 2 Class Book

Autor: Sarah Phillips, Kristie Grainger, Michaela Morgan and Mary Slattery

Description: This great new introduction to the 6-level Incredible English series is a completely wordless course book. The course supports an aural-oral introduction to English, for children who are not yet ready to start reading and writing in English. With 60 hours of material, Incredible English Starter aims to bridge the gap between pre-school and primary school and develops their understanding of the world and social skills along with their English language learning. Key Features:
• 60 hours of material; 10 lessons in six units with topics familiar to children of this age.
• Resources perfectly suited to young learners: an easy-to-manage combined Class Book and Activity Book and re-useable stickers
• Vocabulary and structures are presented and practised using catchy songs and chants.
• Well-loved Incredible English characters feature in lively stories designed to engage the children and encourage a response, building confidence with the language.
• Variety of activities to suit different learning styles - action games, observation games, sequencing, self-assessment
• The CLIL approach helps learners explore some of their first experiences of English through other subjects - Art, Biology and Maths
• Assessment is supported in the test section and with photocopiable record cards.