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Oxford Wordpower Dictionary 4th Edition + CD

Oxford Wordpower Dictionary 4th Edition + CD

Autor: Bull, V.

Now in its fourth edition, the best-selling Oxford Wordpower Dictionary has a new intermediate-level Oxford iWriter (on CD-ROM) and Oxford Writing Tutor, new notes to help with exam preparation, and two free online practice tests for PET or FCE. This is the dictionary that gets results by developing writing skills and building vocabulary. • NEW Over 500 new words. • NEW Topic Notes added on social networking, blogs, podcasts, etc., giving information on particular topics, as well as extending vocabulary with associated words and phrases. • NEW 24 Exam Tips help students prepare for exams. • NEW 16-page Oxford Writing Tutor helps students plan, write, and review their written work. • Oxford 3000™ keywords – the most useful words to know – clearly marked. • Help Notes provide information to help students avoid errors. • Photos and drawings clarify difficult words or show the difference between similar words. • 16 pages of colour illustrations show words in topic groups to build vocabulary.